The grey economy control statistics 2016


The publishing format of the grey economy control statistics has been updated and they are now available on line. The publication brings together the statistics compiled by different authorities that are relevant to grey economy control. The statistics constitute a time series in which you can view the number of control measures and their impact.

Each authority presents the statistics on grey economy control in its own area of responsibility and provides an interpretation of the figures. The Grey Economy Information Unit is responsible for the editorial content of the publication.

The publication contains statistics on the following: operations of the Grey Economy Information Unit, results of tax audits, recovery, number of tax offences and penalties for them, work of the crime prevention authorities (the police and the Finnish Customs), supervision of compliance with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability and supervision of the employment of foreign nationals by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, supervision of social insurance operations by the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Finnish Centre for Pensions, operations of the Office of Bankruptcy Ombudsman, and alcohol supervision. The work of the enforcement authorities in the combating of the grey economy is also described with the help of statistics.